Nimenhuuto marker
Grass field south of Koch Arena (WSU), 4840-4832 Alumni Dr, Wichita [map]

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Travis Cook Clint C Matt Tyler Josh W Steven S Peter Chris L
No one
aaron r Nick N Blake B Chase l Hayden C Dawson G Kevin Eric Y Nick O Bret K Chase L [2] Clay B

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I don't like logging in, @travis I'm going to need you to look into Single Sign-On


Maybe we can setup an Automation Anywhere bot to sign in for each of us. Or an Access DB with a fancy VBA Macro


I'll create a paper form to mail to everyone. Then you can fill it out, take a picture with your phone, print it and fax it to me.

Visiting players can sign up using a link


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Game Mon, Apr 4 at 06:00 PM 8 0
Game Mon, Apr 11 at 06:00 PM 8 0
Game Mon, Apr 18 at 06:00 PM 8 2
Game Mon, Apr 25 at 06:00 PM 8 2

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